Product Line Up

Palty Hair color

Product Features

 ・8 treatment components make your hair shiny and moist.・Liquid dye cover your hair evenly without drop! Vivid luminant color result.・Brush type nozzle makes  achieve even coloring. ・ Rich fruit and sweets scent.

8 treatment components Shiny components Grape oil Orange oil Apricot oil Moisture components Apple extract Peach extract Lemon extract・Color lasting component Silk protein ・Hair barrier component Seaweed extract

10 Colors Available

  • Orange Brown
    Orange Brown
  • Gray Ocre
    Gray Ocre
  • Pink Brown
    Pink Brown
  • Pink Beige
    Pink Beige
  • Light Beige
    Light Beige
  • Beige Brown
    Beige Brown
  • Magenta Brown
    Magenta Brown
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